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The first Random thought at the rural town........

      I t was very dusty and rusty town.When i kept first step on that small rural town,it was entirely dried up by firing sun.I just got off by the bus which was running almost 160 km from colombo.And my face was totally maked up with layers of dust which was cleaned with my small white towel in my pocket and it was also nicely decorated with brownish and blackish stains.I stared that small towel and noticed clearly that there was small world map painted up with brown and black stain and  I just wiped out my face with Indian ocean just bellow the Perl of Indian ocean. Ah.! just after I wiped out my face i looked up again that small world map,yes it was,that small Perl was getting bigger as the size of India as it could distribute central government power for several province as so called federal and appeased the western federals longings.               At that old bus stand I got off,there were several ragged buses with long faces and looked at as they welcomed me.Just in front of t

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